Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on my life but mostly gaming

                     I decided to step my gaming game up lately lol. For some reason when i got my xbox in June 2008, even though i really wanted it i wasnt happy, I actually started crying. It didnt help that soon after my PS2 got stolen. My xbox was a constant reminder that even though its super cool its the only thing i have to play and my mom only bought me one game =(  and it was GTA4 a type of game that wasnt my forte...*sigh..* I really miss my PS2 alot still, i need to pick one up as sooon as a get a job. I will make this promise to myself now.

Promise: if i ever get 100$ the VERY first thing i do is pick up a PS2. No getting makeup, or cigarettes, or any unnecessary things another PlayStation is as NECESSARY as it gets.

I need one before they go absolute, i need to be able to play all my old RPGs and Tekkens ahhhh good times.

After i got my xbox i RARELY played anything until like 4 months later and i picked up GTA4 for awhile. It was good and soon after that was christmas, and my mom bought me Mirrors Edge, Bioshock, Assassins Creed, and The Last Remnit (which was a sucky game and i ended up selling it back). Later i got fable 2 and Street Fighter 4

At the time i was unwilling to learn the controls of Mirrors Edge which is in first person which is something im quite weak at. I just played through it this week and i'll post a review while its fresh in my mind soon. Bioshock Scares the crap out of me. Im the biggest wimp i know but it makes me not want to play it at all. I read up on the story a couple weeks ago and i LOVED it! I hope they make a movie thats true to the game and they dont fuck it up like they did with The Legend of Chun Li. Fable 2 was short but i really didnt get into the activities such as having a kid or getting married that much. I just played the game through and focused on finishing the story.Kinda disappointing if you ask me. I mean it got game of the year  by Xplay i was hoping it would at least be better. If not properaly named, it should have been named Fable 1.5. I still haven't played  Assassins Creed, well, at least more then 20 minutes worth. Maybe i'll pick it up this week before FF13 comes out.

Which brings me back to gaming. Gaming's been a way for me get into a zone and be entertained all while challenging myself to do amazing feats in amazing story lines just to get away from it all. I remember when i was a kid  I would play so much when i would sleep i'd have dreams about it. As cheezy as it sounds its alot more personal then just pretty colors or shooting things. Which probably the reason i dont play with other ppl alot. I'd rather just play alone and experience it myself. Another cool thing is I listen to more music while im playing it then i ever do while jogging. and i think i've lost my passion for music as well. but i think its coming back. I want to be good at all sorts of games not just RPGs  but first person shooters and action and fighting games. Well i hope my passion comes back on the 9th because i really miss it.


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2010 wish list because i plan on becoming a millionare

So when I was a kid i used to make a list of CDs that I wanted at the back of all my notebooks for school..yeah i was REAL focused I admit. but any who i want to see how much of the things i want this year i can get so heres my list:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Final Fantasy 13?

Ok so its taken me a while to talk about the new Final Fantasy because i thought i wasn't going to be able to buy it the day it came out. But me and mom came to the agreement that if I start keeping my room clean She'll buy it for me next month.
uhhhh YAY!! OMG i was soooo sad. I mean sooo sad. I couldnt even watch all the new sneak peaks on youtube after i realized I couldnt get it but YAY for moms!!!
Also its meant to be that i get this game because it came out in japan on my Birthday!!!

Anywho so yeah now that i can research this game a little i found that fricken Leona Lewis is doing the theme song for the North American Versions, and not only that, Nobuo Uematsu isn't scoring it either UGH!! I checked out the the theme song and It does NOT fit a video game. They should have Just kept going with the amazing J-pop Singers they've always done...*sigh...*
So far Im not too happy. Ok also the cast.. although this is slightly controversial i feel that adding a mostly female cast was very patronizing. I feel this game is going to get really cheesy really quick. (just like Avatar..but thats another blog) Not that i have anything against a female protagonist(considering the fact that I usually favor the female characters lol ) but It just seems..i dunno...weird i guess. So far I havent seen anything that makes this game stand out.
Except, of course, the GRAPHICS!!!!

This is such a breath of fresh air considering this is the first Final Fantasy for the xbox 360/ps3
ALSO!!! The SETTING!!!! You have NO idea how SICK i am of FF's in a backwashed medieval setting. When they're set in those time periods the makers cant go all balls out like they would in a modern/futuristic setting. I think this has been the 1st on since FF8 to do so. Even FF10 had Zanerkand but most of the game was pretty backwashed. (not that theres anything wrong with it but im sick of it) I read on Wikipedia that "the game features both futuristic and natural elements; it is set between a land of wilderness and the high-tech world above it"
ahh i was soo happy to hear that ! If i could build my dream house it would be something like that. Reminds me almost of a Japanese Penguin House. Hearing that it kinda reminds me of FF8 Balamb Garden(see Right and left)
See? You agree?
The Battle system for FF12 was PURE GENIUS, but now that i think about it, It kinda made the game too easy only to have to control one character at a time? WTF? But i fell in love with the battle system nonetheless. I think real time gameplay will be best for FF13 and hopefully thats the case because turn based is getting to be soooo 90's LOL. But, I'll post blogs of my reviews of the other FF games i have played later.
Ok so with a heavy heart I'm going to address something i really don't want to but i feel it needs to be said.... I think i'll let this quote speak for itself..
"For her (Lightning, main protagonist) design, character designer was asked to create a "female version of Cloud from FF7"
Need i Say more?

*prepares for rant*
OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I am SOOOO sick of this FF7 talk. Sure it was a great game, Sure the story line was good but it HAS to be the MOST OVER RATED GAME OF THE CENTURY no no no wait OF ALL TIME *does a Kayne West* LOL But really!

*calms down*

Okay now that i got that out of my system I am very excited for this game to come out even after all the annoyances and the Leona Lewis I am genuially happy to add my first RPG to my xbox collections. Let us hope that this isnt the last of the Final Fantasys for the xbox that new and old players will be satisfied to say the least (hell im spending 60 bucks on it it better be good LOL jk jk)

<3333 Uzi

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