Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bright City Lights

When i was in 3rd grade this boy in my class had a Notebook that was from a brand called Hookups skateboarding company. The brand produces skateboards with alot of sexy anime girls on the deck. Or anime inspired artwork and the notebook was basically showing  a whole bunch of  different skateboard decks.
For some reason it really caught my eye. I dont know if it was just because at the time i was really obsessed with anime or something else but i really wanted it. So i paid the kid 5$ to buy it from him (i was in third grade 5 bucks was ALOT of money back then and just for a USED notebook,god! )
Once i had it i would take it with me everywhere just to doodle on when i was bored or to look at. I cant explain why but i REALLY loved it. I really loved to stare at it and daydream and make up stories in my head for each of the characters. Of course i think i threw it away eventually or something and when i tried to look hookups up here on the computer they didnt seem to have alot of pictures of their art work except i remember the "samurai princess" (see upper left) and  few other pictures i found. There was one picture on the notebook that I really liked in particular and I actually dont remember what is was LOL. I just remember that it was a picture of a city, a big city, at night. In fact it wasnt even THAT big of a picture but i found myself staring at it all the time! Well that brings me to an obsession that still lingers on today. Urban street artwork and pictures and modern Architecture.
                                  Coming from a small town, living in any huge metropolis is very appealing. I love the gritty raw look of a city like San Fransisco, LA, or Toyko. I love a place where the lights are brighter then the sun. I love a place of modernization where the buildings are cohesive with strange shape and graffiti. A place with stories. A city thats alive. One day i hope to live in a place like this. But until then i guess i'll continue to obsess and droll over pictures like this(see right)
I think of the way a city moves, the buildings and the sound as an art. The fashions the younger people wear in a city and the trends sets the standard for the rest of the world in my opinion.Of course i hate the kids around here who "tag" and i dont really like graffiti itself but i think it adds rawness to a place or a picture. (Of course around here tagging doesnt add rawness it just looks stupid) I have no idea why i get the feelings i get when I look at theses pictures maybe that just means I'm supposed to be there. That i was meant for more then to just live here where the most exciting thing is the Annual fair or something. Ok wishful thinking aside i guess to sum it up it just inspires me. In every shape and form and in every way I get inspired from a big city.

Sometimes songs put me in the mood that i feel like I AM in the middle of San Francisco. I hear a certain song i think of a certain picture in my head and it makes me happy. I love the atmosphere it creates and the feelings I get from it. These two songs I love. They give the exact same feeling i was talking about maybe you'll understand what i mean when you listen to them too.


<3333 Uzi


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