Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on my life but mostly gaming

                     I decided to step my gaming game up lately lol. For some reason when i got my xbox in June 2008, even though i really wanted it i wasnt happy, I actually started crying. It didnt help that soon after my PS2 got stolen. My xbox was a constant reminder that even though its super cool its the only thing i have to play and my mom only bought me one game =(  and it was GTA4 a type of game that wasnt my forte...*sigh..* I really miss my PS2 alot still, i need to pick one up as sooon as a get a job. I will make this promise to myself now.

Promise: if i ever get 100$ the VERY first thing i do is pick up a PS2. No getting makeup, or cigarettes, or any unnecessary things another PlayStation is as NECESSARY as it gets.

I need one before they go absolute, i need to be able to play all my old RPGs and Tekkens ahhhh good times.

After i got my xbox i RARELY played anything until like 4 months later and i picked up GTA4 for awhile. It was good and soon after that was christmas, and my mom bought me Mirrors Edge, Bioshock, Assassins Creed, and The Last Remnit (which was a sucky game and i ended up selling it back). Later i got fable 2 and Street Fighter 4

At the time i was unwilling to learn the controls of Mirrors Edge which is in first person which is something im quite weak at. I just played through it this week and i'll post a review while its fresh in my mind soon. Bioshock Scares the crap out of me. Im the biggest wimp i know but it makes me not want to play it at all. I read up on the story a couple weeks ago and i LOVED it! I hope they make a movie thats true to the game and they dont fuck it up like they did with The Legend of Chun Li. Fable 2 was short but i really didnt get into the activities such as having a kid or getting married that much. I just played the game through and focused on finishing the story.Kinda disappointing if you ask me. I mean it got game of the year  by Xplay i was hoping it would at least be better. If not properaly named, it should have been named Fable 1.5. I still haven't played  Assassins Creed, well, at least more then 20 minutes worth. Maybe i'll pick it up this week before FF13 comes out.

Which brings me back to gaming. Gaming's been a way for me get into a zone and be entertained all while challenging myself to do amazing feats in amazing story lines just to get away from it all. I remember when i was a kid  I would play so much when i would sleep i'd have dreams about it. As cheezy as it sounds its alot more personal then just pretty colors or shooting things. Which probably the reason i dont play with other ppl alot. I'd rather just play alone and experience it myself. Another cool thing is I listen to more music while im playing it then i ever do while jogging. and i think i've lost my passion for music as well. but i think its coming back. I want to be good at all sorts of games not just RPGs  but first person shooters and action and fighting games. Well i hope my passion comes back on the 9th because i really miss it.


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