Friday, October 22, 2010

Come out Come out where ever you are

If you find this please send it my way =(
(Ive been looking for this fucking palette everywhere and its sold out WTF its not even limited edition! step yo game up urban decay..fuckers)

I just listen to this song repeatedly hoping one will come in stock

I made my 1st purchase of circle lenses today. I want to look like the cracked out Japanese Girls too!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So there was a girl i used to know, for privacy purposes let's just call her Pat, thats my moms name (sorry mommy!) Ok lets call her C from now on. (you know, for annoying cunt) So C and i met when i was a freshman in high school, when i entered high school all the people i hung out with in middle school i wanted to fucking erase from my life (still do) so i sat everyday in a corner (yes really a corner, i was damn comfy too) eating my lunch, content that I didnt have any issues with anyone ever.  Of course C being nosy and annoying decided to come up to me and talk to me and inquire why i was sitting alone. She demanded that i eat lunch with her and her friend so i did. UGH i was soooo bored  but I was polite because she was in her own way trying to be nice and make friends which i guess is what school is about eh? *rolls eyes*
            Over time C and i made good friends i hung out with her and her friends pretty much all year that year. Also C was a junior when i was a freshman, i felt way cool for having older friends. And i made some new friends also. and i was happy. The thing about C and I (which was the cause of our diminishing  friendship last year) was that she has veryy strong political opinions. She's a self proclaimed "feminist" "environmentalist" everything has to be politically correct with this women. As someone with a very low tolerance for bullshit and a VERY high count of sarcasm i loved calling her out inconsistency and making her look bad MUHAHAHAHA but through the years it got worse. She would say things like "oh id rather be ethnic then white" (whilst running around in her goodwill clothing.. jewelery that was supposedly made in Taiwan or Africa or some shit. oh yeah she is white). This bitch is hipster to the max and shes got the attitude down flat. She was also one of those super skinny bitches that was always skinny no matter what but always complained about it UGH!      
          Before you start to think "oh your just jealous" NO IM FUCKING NOT! Sure i wish i was naturally super skinny but Id rather be a curvier side women with an AMAZING personality then a super skinny one with the word BITCH tattooed on her head. The thing about C was that she always was being "polite." Or "respectful" Or ridiculous annoyances like that.We're in high school bitch! I have plenty of time to act like that when i start to work! She would get in the shittiest of moods if we were talking and someone interrupted her. Which i understand is annoying but holy god girl chill out. But at the same time she would tell me stories about how she was in Vegas or some shit and would laugh and yell at all the street performers there, heckling them like a 5 year old.Inconsistencies to the max yo! I remember her SPECIFICALLY going into a tangent about people tagging buildings but she herself is HEAVILY into graffiti and tags her self. This girl is retarded, in fact so dumb that she doesnt realize the short bus took off without her.

           What was the demise of our friendship was no specific point. I simply decided that i dont want that annoyance in my life. But alot of it had to do with me going out more on the 1st half of 2009. Of course we got closer as friends and i even considered her my best friend. but looking back on it was just bullshit. I was also "seeing" (i use that term VERY loosely) a guy i met through her. Since i was going out more I invited her like the good friend i am. and i would see yet MORE differences. For instance, she would talk so much smack about some of the guys we would hang out with. But be the one calling them and talking to them all the time. I began to think I wonder if she does this to me too? I wonder how much shit she talks about me?
                   Oh and let me tell you this story. So i was "seeing" (again loosely) this friend of hers. But while we were "seeing" (i cant emphasize the amount of looseness here) each other she was out of town. I really liked this guy but the relationship never developed because he was always gone. Anyways he told me. lets wait until summer time to try to be a couple. I'll be less busy then. After that C came back from her trip and told me ALL these things about him that i wish she had told me a zillion years sooner. *rolls eyes* Pretty much this guy was a huge slut and he actually dated C's other best friend who is also a HUGE slut (perfect couple lah should've stayed together) a few months before me. So like i said C being the conniving bitch that she is after talking all this shit about said slutty guy she still was friends with him.And one night after drinking in a riverbed with him or some trashy shit like that. C explains that according to her Slutty guy was all over her and kissing her feet and rubbing her legs but she very firmly "put him in his place" and said her loyalty was to me. Of course her loyalty was to me thats why she took 3 months to tell me this story. mind you me and that guy had JUST STOPPED SEEING EACH OTHER 3 months earlier.

I never told her about how much it bothered me that she didn't tell me this story sooner. But i just let it build up and at one point i exploded and everything about this girl that i didnt like, every inconstancy, every lie, it just exploded into the hateful feelings that i have for her now. I stopped talking to her and my life is 100000x better because of it! =)
The final confirmation that a friendship was no more was the last time i hung out with her. I proudly brought my very 1st issue of Ageha magazine to her and was hoping to hear her praise me on my new findings of the mysterious world of Gyaru. but of course she just scolded me on how "stupid " it was and how all the girls are "trying to look white" I snapped my magazine back and never talked to her again! Serves the bitch right!