Thursday, July 1, 2010

I won 1000 at the casino (=^;^=")v

I hate gambling!

Every time I go to a casino the people they're are so rude! It's like they all come there to get rich or to "make it." They expect so much off of a gamble, a chance. Its really depressing. You see people that you KNOW go there multiple times a week and the high they get off of just winning a little bit of free money. Its the saddest thing. It reminds what its like in Hollywood. Everyone coming together to one place to strike it rich. You see people that are very successful people that are doing alright and people that have lost all hope and all consideration and that just existing there. People also do the strangest things at casinos, to the slot machines for some kind of luck ritual. Like some people pound the face of the machine or slide their hands across the screen as it spins. It's the weirdest thing. I wanna scream "THAT DOESN'T HELP! DON'T YOU KNOW THESE THINGS ARE RIGGED??" Slot machines are designed to give money a certain way. Its funny how the people that go there the most often don't know that. In my opinion if you expect money off of gambling your just asking for a world of disappointment.

Anyways my mom loves going to the casino she goes about once a week. Its kinda sad how much she gambles now.There has been about 3 times where she stays there for 12 hours! 0_o She asked me to go this time so i said yes because when i go she doesn't stay as long. I don't like her being away for so long especially since the casino is 1 hour and a half drive away. On the way there my wisdom teeth were hurting and i complained and said "Mom i hope that I win enough money to get my teeth fixed and she said so do i do i...

As soon as we got there we went directly to the 5cent machines. 5cents doesnt sound like alot but this particular machine didnt let you customize how much to spend and  it was taking 13 dollars per spin! I almost left and moved to another machine when my mom asked but i said no. She gave me a $100 bill and 4 spins later i got 20 free spins on the last spin was like 1500 credits which i think is 750 dollars! (i actually dont really remember i was in shock to say the least) As soon as my mom saw what i had won she looked at me, vexed, while i was beaming from ear to ear and the lady next to me congratulated me.Without hesitation she said "I get half" UGH! i swear i never knew my mom to be so greedy! This whole gambling  kick she has going on is getting ridiculous..really.

I reluctantly gave her half and called my sister to tell her I won and she too was like "Tenayas thats YOUR money! Why is she keeping it?" So i sat there for the rest of the night drinking soda and complaining. The money i gave my mom? yeah it went back into the machines that night. =( At first i was like ohh well i didnt get my mom anything for her birthday or for mothers day but i really regret giving her fricken HALF


(Gambling isnt a very honest way to get money anyways)


I have 500 dollars that I didnt have before! Guess what that means?? Japanese Cosmetics HERE I COME!!!!
<33333 uzi.


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