Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kamikaze Girls

If your ever bored, and are searching for something to do on youtube. You should watch the movie Kamikaze Girls. its one of my favorite movies of all time. I originally watched it on the AZN network when it was still on but since thats over i resort to watching it on youtube. I wish i could find a copy of this movie so i can have it my personal possession but *le sigh all well.....

^^ heres a trailer for this movie which is GOD AWFUL and is the worst representation of a movie that you can find. I highly recommend you dont watch it.

^^ heres the first part of the movie. If you just watch this i know it will suck you in.
The movie is stylish and artistic. Its not a "normal" movie especially with the main character constantly  breaking the the fourth wall.

Its about a selfish self centered lolita named Momoko and a troublesome yanki, Ichigo who is in a bike gang and how they're friendship develops over time. Momoko is quite content with having no friends and daydreaming about living in a different era. Shes naturally independent and wise and happily explains the dark out look of the meaning of life to anyone that inquires her beliefs. Ichigo is far different shes in a street bike gang and is all about the betterment of the group rather then herself. shes loyal and loves to talk, and openly express her emotions and acts on impulse. At the end of the movie the two girls set aside their differences and become best friends. Momoko learns that friends are important and Ichigo learns to stand up for herself and be more independent.
It really inspires me because by nature i am in like Momoko. Sometimes when things get too crazy I act like her and i honestly think its a good think. Although i know its important to have friends and be social its just as important to know that most people you meet will not be in your life 5 years from now. and you should'nt be relying on anyone too much. Just like the end of the movie, Momoko learns the value of friendships but you dont see her starting a sorority or anything. She has one friend, one true friend, i think thats more important then trying to simply make friends with everyone.

<333 Uzi

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