Monday, March 22, 2010

R.I.P Nujabes ='(

Im sooo heart broken. I wanted to make a post about the music ive been getting into lately. Ive changed my music taste ALOT in the last year. But few of the artist ever affected me as much as Nujabes did. My ex-boyfriend(yuck) gave me the OSTs from Samurai Champloo and INSTANTLY fell in love with this new sound of music that ive never heard before. Back then i thought it was "classy hip hop" lol but still with influences of traditional Japanese music. Well this was before i had the internet and it wasnt till much later that i downloaded Nujabes self work but still the soundtrack stuck with me.and i found a liking for Jazz inspired hip hop and began to appreciate hip hop it self and not just thinking it was a bunch of black guys talking about how many bitches they fucked or a bunch of white guys trying to rap in Tupac t-shirts SMH Nujabes music is WAY better then Tupac..OOOHH yeah i said it!
               Well unfortunately Nujabes died in a car accident at the end of February. You expect people like Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson to OD but man why is the world taking the best producer of all time away from us. and he was soo young too. =( He could've made more music and the world will never have another  like him. I didnt believe it when i found out last week it wasnt until i read Shing02's blog about the death of Nujabes that it really hit me. I'm beyond devastated. I remember a few years ago before my BF gave me that soundtrack before i knew how to "properly" DL music i came across a few songs of his that i wasnt aware were his until recently. I remember playing those over and over on the car rides to LA. You cant ever get sick of his music.

This was one of my favorite songs from him:
its called Counting Stars

 I was reading through the comments on Shings blog post and one person had said that one of his best memories was walking through the city of Toyko with headphones on listening to his music. And i thought how beautiful that would be how amazing. In Nujabes honor when i make it to Toyko im going to do the exact same thing.


R.I.P Seba Jun aka Nujabes

this is shings Tribute to him and he was soo happy it reached 100,000+ views in 4 days. But the reality is, is that 100,000+ views isnt alot considering people like Shane Dawson and Michelle fan get OVER that every vid they make. It just goes to show you that  Shing02 and Nujabes are like the secret treasures of hip hop
that not that many people know of and it makes me soo happy  that i am in fact one of those people

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