Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I hate fashion and photography!

well sorta lol..

Fashions come and go.Clothing trends are ugly you wont see me with the latest apparel. Makeup is my thing. Always will be.The shirt im wearing 10$ at walmart.

I'll never understand paying so much money on designer clothes. All that money... and half of it goes to the name!! SMH. Even with makeup i wouldn't spend that much!... Ok I'm lying. But of course when you buy makeup the quality is what matters most thats why i DO spend money on designer makeup tehehe. I really dont HATE fashion but all these trendy little hoes with some money and a ride to F21 make me want to hate it. They lack the passion that real fashionistas have. When i do buy clothes (which is rare) i opt for like ONE pair a jeans, yes i said one. maybe a few t-shirts, but mostly DRESSES!!! OMG I love dresses sooooo much and also they're cheap! haha im always at walmart looking at the discount racks for a new dress. One of my pop culture icons is Dita Von Teese who claims she hasnt wore pants in like 10 years(except when she went dressed  for Halloween ome year) one day i hope to be like that.Dresses are so much more sexy then pants and a t-shirt, also it takes less time to get ready and you automatically look like your dressed up because dresses arent the norm for most girls anymore.
                                        WHAT DO YOU THINK IS SEXY?

Me? I think tousled, messy hair, a smoky eye, paired with a lace dress.Key accessories, such as a bracelet and a necklace and tons of cleavage (hehehe) and a cigarette in one hand  is the sexiest thing on a women.

Here are some pics of some celebrities or movies that i enjoy that really caught my eye. Dont ask me why they do, just do As much as i hate those pretentious hipster faggots with 1000$ camera thinking they're a pro photographer i really do like looking at decent well thought out pictures.ENJOY


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