Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jill Stuart: The makeup gods finest creation.

This is probably the only time I will ever get to rave about makeup. This is the only time i have to really tell anyone how makeup genuinely makes me feel and why i wear and spend so much money on it. I consider the physical being of makeup a collector's item. Cosmetic companies make makeup and sell it only for a specific amount of time. A lot of collections aren't permanent and it's so rewarding to see when you get your hands on item that is now not in fruition. The application of makeup is an art to me. It's the whole idea of wearing colors on your face to add a little something more that i love. I do not wear makeup because i think im ugly without it. I wear it because i like color! It can be like a mini plastic surgery but without all the annoying complications at the end. lol I have always loved makeup but it wasn't until last summer when i discovered the beauty of Jill Stuart Cosmetics after that i was hooked.

      The whole theme of these cosmetics is innocent sexy.

^ I think i found the picture above from another blogger all credit goes to them.

If you don't already know Jill Stuart is Japanese Cosemetics brand under the name of America designer Jill Stuart. Jill Stuart has a cult phenomenon in Japan and when this brand was still new Kose cosmetics manufacturer company was the only place that would accept it into fruition. So yes, they can only be bought in Japan. but now Jill Stuart is available all through out Asia and in NewYork,NY in America as well.

                   Obviously one of the most notable things about Jill Stuart is the packaging. 


"When i see clothes i want to become worthy of them. They answer me: You're not ready for us yet. Or you may think something suits you when it really doesn't"- Momoko, Kamikaze Girls

(I feel the same about makeup.)

Can anyone say "OH MY GAWD!?" These palettes are to DIE FOR! It's like the makeup gods themselves came down from heaven and sculpted a makeup line made for the most delicate and exquisite tastes. Or i like to think for me personally. hehe

       They also have a Skin Care line whose packaging matches the rest of this amazing collection

Now i bet everyone is thinking ok it looks nice but how does it hold up quality wise. Well my dears I cant tell you. =( Even though i have read many reviews and watched many hauls I have never actually used these products yet.But can pretty much assure that I won't be disappointed. I think there is place in everyone's heart for this brand. From what I have heard there is great pigmentation in the shadows as well as a lot of shimmer Yeah the shadows contain a lot of shimmer so if that not for you STAY AWAY FROM JILL STUART lol (well the eyeshadows at least) I heard the base makeup is very silky and high quality.

Unfortunately since this brand is manufactured in Asia they dont carry colors for dark skintone. Which sucks ALOT. But its practical because theres hardly any black people in Asia lol but even other high quality brands that DO sell in the US dont carry base makeup for dark skintones....GRRRRRR WTF?? Do they think black people cant afford these products!?!! *rolls eyes* thats actually probably the case as politically incorrect as that sounds but all well maybe brands would figure out that if they came out with foundations with a great selection of colors that their sells would go up. I know tons of black people that are always trying  new foundations and once they hear that its  good everyone will flock to it

When i won my money last week, the first thing i thought was "now i can order Jill Stuart!" hehehehehe. So i did and i hope to receive my package in about a week. (I ordered with EMS shipping because i couldn't wait lol)

 I'm buying 5 the Jelly eyeshadows and an eyeshadow palette. I also purchased a palette by another Japanese brand called Lunasol whose packaging is not AS glamorous as Jill Stuart but pretty darn close

I know im going to scream when i get my package. I really just cant wait.

<3333 uzi


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:O Where do you order it online from? You make me want to buy it too! xx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 9:10:00 PM PDT  
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Nice post


Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 4:27:00 PM PDT  

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