Sunday, August 8, 2010

I got a job and Jill Stuart Haul (^ ;^) (wow i totally thought i posted this a month ago but i guess it was still in my draft section) GRRR!)

I finally (after about 3 years of looking...yeah no joke. Ive been looking on and off for about 3 years) found a job! Its just a cashiering job though at a drugstore but i was REALLY nervous but tomorrows my third day and im already comfortable! Its really just inspiring me to chase my dreams and maybe one day I will be a Dermatologist like I really want! This is first job so im really excited! That also means MORE MAKEUP! but for my first paycheck i wanna buy some running shoes! I NEED to loose weight. My face can be as pretty as a flower but if im fat it all goes to waste. Hopefully i'll be able to start buying some healthy food now and cut out the fast food (>.<)

The time has arrived bitches!!!!

After nearly a year after i discovered the beauty of Japanese Makeup i  FINALLY ordered some for myself! I wanted my first Japanese cosmetics purchase to be a BIG one so thats why i waited so long and anytime i had money i spent it on necessities (sigh..). Even though I spent over 300 dollars i only got 7 things! all well. I have expensive taste i guess lol.I purchased 5 Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors and a Eyeshadow Palette from Ichibankao and I purchased an eyeshadow palette by Lunasol from Adam Beauty. Very happy with both of their services (^^)
                                          This is the Jill Stuart Jelly eye Color in 01 Diamond Snow
                                                                  02 Gold Light
                                                                06 Berry Sparkle
                                                                  08 Crystal Sky
                                      10 Vintage Decor (My favorite! Looks kinda like the 08 but its really a brown)

                                          Jill Stuart EyeShadow Palette in 06 Blossoming Shine 
               (hahahaha you an see me taking the pic next time i''ll try to make them look more professional!)

                                              Lunasol Nature Color Eyes limited edition in EX02
SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! Soooooo worth the wait! I'm so happy! After i get comfortable with having a job and finish training im gonna have to get another job so i can afford to pay for more stuff like this!

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