Monday, May 24, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Superstar thats short for. ..nothing

Ugh i keep wanting to come here and blog more. I get soo many ideas! but then i dont want it to be like a half assed blog & i never put it up. I have like 5 posts in my draft section but i dont feel they're worthy =(

oh yeah i forgot! About me! welll.. i live in California not the cool part..sadly.I hate the fucking sun! Also i am probably the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet (except im really serious about the sun thing) if you cant handle my sexual humor TITS or GTFO!! I dont blog to become popular or to be famous and i dont even expect people to read what i write but i write like theres someone reading just in case someone googles bestiality and stumbles upon my blog.  ^^v
 ugghh what else? my heart and mind are hardworking but they rarely live up their potential no one seems to want to challenge them. I fantasize about working 3 jobs to pay for a full blown makeup addiction that is spiraling out of control. My goal in life is to be beautiful,apathetic and independent. I'm a gamer at heart.. i have been since i was 7 in a oversized tshirt playing Tekken 2 but now im too girly to take my heels off or turn down Britney Spears when shooting splicers or casting spells. I love love love hip hop from the golden age, turtablism, korean pop and hip hop as well as japanese pop and hiphop, some mainstream american pop and electronica.

I blog about music games and makeup my triple threat and sometimes some random shit on the side

My name is Tenaya, you wont know how to pronounce it so you can call me Uzi